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Expanding My Boozin Horizons

Expanding My Boozin Horizons
Ben - Sat Dec 20, 2008 @ 04:47PM
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I feel as though I've covered pretty good ground so far on the Single Malt Scotch front. I have about 15 bottles myself, and I've gone down the list at my local bar which has a surprisingly large selection. I know there's LOTS more to try, but there's also a lot of other Whisk(e)y out there.

Speaking of my local bar, we've been going there enough I've established a relationship with the servers there. The other night after one of them finished reminding me what each of the Breakfast Club characters did to get into detention (taping butt-cheeks was my favorite) he offered to buy me some Bourbon. He brought out some Jim Beam, saying it was pretty standard and there's a lot to try from there. He also ended up comping all but two beers, which was awesome.

I enjoyed it. It reminded me of some bourbon I tried a long time ago, Jeremiah Weed. In fact, that was some of the first Whisky, or even alcohol I'd ever tried. Thanks bro!

So last night I tried some Jim Beam Rye. Again, it was good. Nice and smooth, very sweet relative to what I'm used to. It's definitely got me wanting to expand my Whisky scope.

Comments: 59


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