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Blantons++ American Honey--

Blantons++ American Honey--
Ben - Mon Mar 02, 2009 @ 12:38AM
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I've been continuing my exploration of Bourbon. A couple of nights ago I decided to try a dram of Blantons at Harry's and I was pretty impressed. My first thought was Rye. In fact I had to ask my waitress if it was Rye whisky. She was nice enough to bring the bottle over (attractive bottle BTW) and it was in fact Bourbon. Didn't taste like Bourbon at all to me. Good though. I'm finding I like Grainy whiskys, like this and the Bernheim wheat.

I had also read about Wild Turkey's American Honey and thought I'd give it a try. Blech! It tasted like nasty cough syrup. Way too sweet. In fact I couldn't even finish it and let my server take an almost full glass away, a rare occurrence. A couple of days later another server brought over a couple free shots (we go there a lot), and she said "This is my favorite, I don't know if you've had it, it's American Honey". I'm glad it was just a shot. My wife thinks they're messing with us.

I need to veer back to Scotch a little. I bought a bottle of Clynelish but haven't cracked it yet. I'm also 3 months into the year and haven't bought anything from my calendar.

Comments: 153


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