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The First Two: Isle of Jura & Glen Moray

The First Two: Isle of Jura & Glen Moray
Ben - Tue Dec 11, 2007 @ 02:31PM
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Isle of Jura - 10yr

My Wife says she chose this because it was supposed to be mild and would be a good place to start. I definitely agree. It was very smooth and went down easy. I drank it neat and my virgin throat had no problem. I couldn't comment on the nose, but it did have a distinct cherry and choclate flavor. It's supposed to taste of honey, however I couldn't pick up on this.

Glen Moray - 12yr

After reading about the different Scotch Whisky regions it was clear that Speyside is the largest. Not a very calculated way to pick the next bottle, but hey, I'm a simple man. I tried it with about a 3 to 1 Scotch to Water mix. Even watered down it was a lot more harsh than the Jura. The nose was like fruity candy, almost like a jolly rancher. The same for the taste. I'd say pear and apple. I'm drinking it neat right now, and it's definitely kicking my ass. I can still taste the fruit, but something else that I can't quite discern.

I'll probably drop by World Market and get some nice spring water and a tulip glass.

Comments: 51


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