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Getting Started

To demonstrate some of the things you can do, we went ahead and filled your website with demo images and comments to help you get started.

Insert images from your photo albums into your content!

We placed a few of these images in your photo albums and then inserted them randomly into your content. This demonstrates how easy it is to share images on your website with other pages.


Text Styles

Using the drop down menu at the top left of the editor, you add Styles to your text. This can be for formatting, colors, or different text sizes.

Change your Layout

Now that you are logged in, you might want to change your layout or your color theme. Click on the "Edit Headers / Layout" quick edit at the top of your page.

Doodlekit is extremely flexible and customizable. It allows you to:

  • Change your layout
  • Select different color themes
  • Upload a logo or header image
  • Change your background